ibm and marina

ibm and marina

5 May 2008

Camera: Holga

Location: Chicago(land)

This past Saturday marked the 3 year anniversary of this site. To mark the occasion I changed the design and made it so larger monitors (like my nice 22" widescreen) view larger sizes of the photos. The larger versions are 850px instead of the 750px that I have been using the for past 3 years. The square 6x6 shots come out a bit large in the new version, but that's how it goes sometimes. There may still be a few bugs in the new design, so if you happen to run across any, please let me know.

I added a prints section. I kind of want to start printing out a few of my photos, and I figure if someone else wants one, that'd be great too. I also added a new set of archives on the archives page. You can now sort posts by camera. A lot of the 35mm shots are probably labeled with the wrong camera, but I have no way of going back and finding out exactly which camera I used in every shot, so it's good enough.

I sometimes wonder how many people actually visit this site; the logs that I have aren't very telling. Back in 2005 it seemed that there was a lot of traffic on photoblogs but now it all seems to have moved to flickr. I don't think I'll be stopping this site anytime soon. In fact, I probably have enough photos stored up to go the next few months without taking anything new, but that would probably get a little boring for me. Plus, the girlfriend got me a new camera bag a couple weeks back and I need to break it in a bit more.

That's about all I have to say. Here's hoping I can continue running this site for years to come.